Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Remembering The Liberation Of Auschwitz

BBC: Auschwitz 70th anniversary: Survivors mark camp liberation

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World News Briefs -- January 27, 2015

Reuters: Battles continue outside Syria's Kobani after Kurds claim victory


Kurds expand offensive after driving IS out of Syrian town.

Shia fighters accused of killing civilians in Iraq.

Airlines halt flights to Baghdad after gunfire hits plane.

Rockets from Syria hit Golan Heights, Israeli military says.

Yemen's Houthi fighters free presidential chief of staff: official.

Erdogan settles in as Turkey's strongman, constitutional change or not.

Obama brings large delegation to cement ties with Saudi Arabia's new king. Obama defends US ties as he pays respects in Saudi Arabia.


U.S. and India share sense of unease over China.

President Obama talks religion, race in India farewell.

Philippines suspends special forces police chief over deadly clash.

South Korea, China warn Japan not to backtrack on apology over wartime past.

Hostage crisis trips up Japan as it seeks global security role.

North Korea raises prospect of detaining South Koreans at complex.

Indonesian military stops search and recovery for remains of AirAsia QZ850.


Gunmen launch deadly assault on Libya hotel. 5 foreigners, 3 guards killed in Libyan hotel attack. 5 foreigners among dead in Libya hotel attack.

Nigeria: Military regains full control of Maiduguri, Konduga. As army fights Boko Haram, Maiduguri turns to ghost town.

Nigeria’s opposition rejects any election delay.

Millions of displaced Nigerians struggle with daily existence.

Several dead as convoy ambushed in South Sudan.

U.N. secures pledge to free 3,000 South Sudan child soldiers.

Top Malian army officer survives assassination attempt in capital: sources.


Nine Ukrainian soldiers killed in 'tense' eastern conflict: Kiev military.

Ukraine labels Russia ‘aggressor state’.

Ukraine conflict: EU weighs more sanctions on Russia. EU leaders to take final decision on Russia sanctions on Feb 12.

Russia to respond to possible disconnection from SWIFT — PM.

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras appoints radical economist to new government.

Kosovo hit by worst unrest since independence.

France, Belgium anti-terror raids net 8 more suspects.


New York snow: Mayor De Blasio defends Juno warnings.

Mexico missing: Thousands march to demand full investigation.

Argentina to dissolve intelligence body after prosecutor death.

Venezuela slams ex-Chile, Colombia presidents for López jail visit.

Cuba's $6B debt to Americans for seized properties hangs over US talks.

Fidel Castro reacts to US-Cuba diplomatic thaw.

US Border Protection lends a hand for Super Bowl security.


ISIS threatens to kill captive Japanese journalist, Jordanian pilot within 24 hours, video claims.

Female terrorists finding their place in Islamic militants' ranks.

'Islamic State' attacks Libya hotel.


Dubai claims Heathrow's air traffic crown.

Panicked super rich buying boltholes with private airstrips to escape if poor rise up.

World tourism numbers top 1.1 billion.

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 27, 2015

Shane Harris M.L. Nestel, Daily Beast: American Women Shut Down Russian Spies

Moscow’s answer to James Bond they ain’t. A team of alleged Russian agents, busted by the FBI, had trouble even getting the ladies to talk to them.

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 27, 2015

FBI breaks up a Russian spy ring in New York City -- Washington Post

Commenting on Busted Spies is Unethical, Says Anna Chapman -- Sputnik

Infantry: Israel Makes Life Hard For Snipers -- Strategy Page

Warplanes: Iran Reinvents Cruise Missiles -- Strategy Page

Iran Expects Russia to Honor Contract on Delivery of S-300 Missile Systems -- Sputnik

Ukraine Has Lost Half Its Warplanes -- War Is Boring

Half of Russian Defense Ministry's expenditures in 2015 to be used on armament program -- ITAR-TASS

Russia develops heavy drone, promises S500 missile system by 2017 -- RT

U.S. 'Cannot Stop' Russian Nuclear Missiles — Deputy Prime Minister -- Moscow Times

US missile defense system cannot intercept Russian strategic missiles — deputy PM -- ITAR-TASS

Russian Threats Underscore Europe's Need To Boost Military -- Ari Shapiro, NPR

Armor: New Chinese Light Tank -- Strategy Page

PLA to commission more third-generation warships this year -- Want China Times

Photos Show China Military Buildup on Island Near Senkakus -- Washington Free Beacon

Taiwan Spy Affair Shines Light on Military Morale -- WSJ

Spain jet crash deaths rise to 11 as French airman dies -- BBC

4 foreign submarines spotted in waters off Sweden: report -- New York Daily News

Murphy: Scrapping Trident 'wrong' -- BBC

U.S. to Aid India in Building Aircraft Carriers -- DoD Buzz

US helping India keep tabs on Chinese submarines in Indian Ocean -- India Today

Indian Army Brandishes Russian Weapons During Republic Day Parade -- Sputnik

US Army looking to store tanks, equipment in eastern Europe -- Stars and Stripes

McCain: More US Boots on Ground in Iraq, Syria -- Defense News

Air Force Prepares for First Combat Rescue Helicopter Flight -- Defense Tech

U.S. Army Recruits General Electric to Build $4.5 Billion Next-Gen Helicopter Engine -- Motley Fool

Navy seeks more sonar-emitting buoys; critics raise concerns over impact on marine mammals -- US News and World Report/AP

Drone Threat is Too Much to Handle for Secret Service, Restructure Needed -- Sputnik

NSA Details Chinese Cyber Theft of F-35, Military Secrets -- Washington Free Beacon

Former Army sexual-assaults prosecutor found guilty of rape -- Stars and Stripes/AP

What Dempsey Wants In New War Powers To Fight ISIS -- Micah Zenko, Defense One/Council on Foreign Relations

Five Rules for Defense Spending -- Doug Macgregor, Breaking Defense

Is America's Dominance Below the Seas Coming to an End? -- Bryan Clark, National Interest

The U.S. Army Had Secret War Dogs in Vietnam -- Joseph Trevithick, War Is Boring

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl To Be Charged For Desertion

FOX News: Bergdahl to be charged with desertion, ex-military intel officer says

WNU Editor: Retired Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer is a reliable source .... so reports that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is going to be charged for desertion are probably true. Was he worth trading for five high valued Taliban leaders .... that debate will probably be with us for he remainder of President Obama's term and for future swaps.

More News On Reports That Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Will Be Charged For Desertion

Bowe Bergdahl to be charged with desertion, retired officer tells Fox -- Washington Times
Bowe Bergdahl WILL be charged with desertion: Prisoner-of-war held by Taliban for five years after going missing from his post to face charges -- Daily Mail
Army Official Reveals Tough Charges the Military Has Planned for POW Bowe Bergdahl -- IJReview
Report: Bergdahl to Be Charged With Desertion, WH ‘Battling Behind Scenes’ to Stop Charges -- Washington Free Beacon

Recruitment Ads For Joining The British Military Fail To Attract New Recruits

Daily Mail: Armed forces failing to attract recruits despite MoD spending £30MILLION on TV adverts as it is revealed one in three top brass face the chop

* £14.5million spent on Royal Navy ads, £6million on Army, £8million on RAF
* But the Army only recruited 6,000 in 2014 - falling short of its 10,000 target
* Plans by General Sir Nicholas Carter will now cut top brass by up to a third
* Will mean many of the army's 500 colonels and 200 brigadiers will be axed
* 'Revolution' is an effort to raise professionalism and reduce bureaucracy

WNU Editor: Someone should tell the MoD that you need more than just a flashy ad to gain recruits.

The Aircraft Carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) Prepares For War

USS John C. Stennis in the Arabian Sea.
U.S. 5TH FLEET AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY (Jan. 5, 2012) The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) operates in the Arabian Sea during sunset. John C. Stennis is deployed to the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility conducting maritime security operations, theater security cooperation efforts and support missions for Operation Enduring Freedom. (U.S. Navy photo by Yeoman 3rd Class James Stahl/Released)

Zero Hedge: Aircraft Carrier Stennis Has Biggest Ordnance Onload Since 2010

WNU Editor: They are definitely "armed for bear".

After Four Months Of Heavy Fighting Kurdish Forces Have Defeated The Islamic State In Kobane

Reuters: Kurds push Islamic State out of Kobani after four-month battle

WNU Editor:The war will now shift elsewhere .... but this is a big and symbolic win for the Kurds.

More News On The Defeat Of Islamic State Forces In Kobane

Celebrations on Turkish border as Kurdish troops raise their flag in Kobane after driving out the Islamic State following four months of heavy fighting -- Daily Mail
Islamic State group pushed out of Syria's Kobani -- FOX News/AP
Monitor: Kurds Push IS Out of Kobani -- VOA
Kurdish Forces Declare Complete Victory in Kobani -- WSJ
Syrian Kurds 'drive Islamic State out of Kobane' -- BBC
Kurdish forces ‘drive ISIL out of Kobani’ in Syria -- Euronews
Kurds press offensive after driving IS group from Syria town -- AP
Battles continue outside Syria's Kobani after Kurds claim victory -- Reuters
Kurds Defeat ISIS in Four-Months-Long Battle for Kobane; Over 1,300 Fighters Dead -- CP World
The liberation of Kobane and other signs of trouble for the Islamic State -- Dan Murphy, CSM
Recapture of Kobani a huge symbolic victory over Daesh -- Gulf News editorial

Argentina To Disband Its Intelligence Agency

BBC: Argentina to dissolve intelligence body after prosecutor death

WNU Editor:
Only a few days after accusing Argentina's spy agency for being behind the death of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman, Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner's announcement that the agency will be disbanded caught everyone by surprise. No investigation. No analysis of the facts. Just a decree that the agency is to be is banded. Hmmmm .... something tells me that there is a lot more to this story than what they are telling us.

More News On the Announcement That Argentina;s Spy Agency Is To Be Disbanded

Argentine president plans to dissolve spy agency after prosecutor's death -- Reuters
Argentina to disband intelligence service after prosecutor death -- AFP
Argentine president seeks overhaul of intelligence services -- AP
Argentine Leader Attacks Spy Agency Amid Furor Over Prosecutor’s Death -- NYT
Fernandez Plans Argentina Spy Agency Overhaul After Nisman Death -- Bloomberg Businessweek
Argentina to dissolve intelligence agency -- Al Jazeera
Argentina poised to disband intelligence agency over prosecutor's death -- IBTimes
Kirchner calls for Argentine intelligence service overhaul -- RT

Russian Spy Ring Busted In The U.S.

New York Times: 3 Men Are Charged With Serving as Secret Agents for Russia in New York

WNU Editor: Apparently this ring was focused on recruiting college girls .... Feds: Russian Spies Tried to Recruit NYC College Girls (Newsweek). College girls !?!?!?!? Hmmmm .... I do not think this part of the operation was for spying.

More News On Russian Spy Ring Busted In The U.S.

U.S. Says Russian Spy Ring Sought NYSE, Sanction Secrets -- Bloomberg Businessweek
Three Russians charged as spies in NYC -- AP
FBI cracks 'Russian spy ring' -- BBC
FBI arrests alleged Russian spy in New York -- AFP
FBI breaks up a Russian spy ring in New York City -- Washington Post
Alleged Russian spy arrested in New York City -- CNN
U.S. charges three in alleged Russian spy ring in NYC -- Reuters
3 Russians charged in Cold War-style spy scheme -- FOX News
FBI: 3 Russians charged with spying, 1 arrested in New York -- RT
Alleged Russian Spy to Face Up to 10 Years, Next Hearing Set for February 9 -- Sputnik News
1 Arrested, 2 Sought In Alleged Russian Spy Ring In New York -- CBS
Russian Alleged Agents Worked to Obtain Intelligence on Sanctions -- Sputnik
The Busted Russian Spy Ring In New York City Was Proper Espionage -- Mark Galeotti, business Insider/In Moscow's Shadows

Helping Those Who Need Help In The Ukraine War Zone

People peer through the windshield of a trolleybus in Donetsk, on 22 January. At least six civilians were killed when a shell hit a trolleybus stop in rebel-controlled Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. Photograph: Reuters

The Guardian: Ukraine at war: 'People feel abandoned'

Update: Kiev ‘punishes’ civilians in Donetsk with travel permits and drugs blockade -- The Guardian

WNU Editor: Kudos to the Guardian for covering this story. I have been hearing reports that Kiev has been blockading medical shipments to rebel controlled areas for the past two months .... this report from Médecins sans Frontières now confirms it. And now Ukraine wants the UN to launch an investigation on "crimes against humanity" .... yup .... hypocrisy during wartime has no bounds.

Russian President Putin Labels The Ukraine Army As A 'NATO Legion'

Voice of America: Putin: Ukraine Army in Fact ‘NATO Legion’

WNU Editor: NATO responds .... NATO chief calls Putin’s claim of ‘NATO legion’ in Ukraine 'nonsense' (Stars and Stripes)

More News On Russian President Putin Labeling The Ukraine Army As A 'NATO Legion'

Putin: Ukraine army is NATO legion aimed at restraining Russia -- RT
Putin Calls Ukrainian Army 'NATO Legion' -- Sputnik
Putin accuses Ukraine army of being 'NATO foreign legion' -- AFP
Putin: Ukrainian army a "NATO legion" -- UPI
Putin: NATO Using Ukraine’s Army To Fight For Its Interests -- Eurasia Review
Putin says 'foreign legion' in Ukraine, NATO says 'nonsense' -- Deutsche Welle
Ukraine conflict: Putin 'foreign legion' remarks nonsense - Nato -- BBC
NATO chief: Putin comment on NATO legion in Ukraine is 'nonsense' -- Reuters

Monday, January 26, 2015

Is Ukraine Losing The War?

Members of the armed forces of the separatist self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic drive a tank on the outskirts of Donetsk, Jan. 22, 2015. REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko

Michael Weiss & James Miller, Daily Beast: Putin Is Winning the Ukraine War on Three Fronts

Russian-backed rebels are making gains near Donetsk, Lugansk, and Mariupol. Just how long can Kiev hold off their advances?

Update: Ukraine’s ceasefire has become a farce, with Vladimir Putin the author -- Lucian Kim, Reuters

WNU Editor: Both of the above articles focus on Russia's involvement in Ukraine's civil war, but they miss a few points .... the main one being that while Russia is providing materials and men to the war, and the EU/NATO is providing resources to Kiev .... this is primarily a fight between Ukrainian nationalists in the west, and pro-Russian rebels in the east. As this blog warned in March last year .... when Ukraine's new interim government passed harsh anti-Russian language/educational laws and started to purge the government/military/state run corporations and media outlets of Russian-Ukrainians .... they were laying the groundwork for a catastrophe. What I believe was the final nail in the coffin was Kiev's refusal to negotiate and compromise .... because after that is when we started to see everything disintegrate. Government buildings being stormed by protestors in predominantly Russian speaking regions of the country .... a growing secession movement in Crimea that wanted no part of this new Ukraine and who also felt embolden in their demands because of the heavy Russian military presence in the area .... the killing of dozens of unarmed Russian protestors in Odessa sparking fear in other parts of Ukraine with predominately Russian populations .... and the heavy use of Ukrainian military units to suppress opposition demonstrations in eastern Ukraine .... this was more than enough to blow apart all the past understandings on how Ukraine should be governed and managed. And the sad part of this disaster is that it could have all been avoided if the interim Ukrainian government was willing to compromise just a little bit or stay away from their anti-Russian rhetoric, or when Poroshenko .... elected as President .... would as his first act be willing to accept the original demands of the pro-Russian rebels in the east of establishing a federated state.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda .... this is what the Ukraine disaster will be remembered for ....not on what Putin did, or what the EU/U.S./NATO wanted .... but on how the Ukrainians themselves could not sit down at a table and be willing to discuss and compromise what needs to be done .... and to then ask the people themselves via through elections and referendums if this is the choice that they want.

Sighhh ....

Ukraine has already lost. Russia/Putin have also lost. And after all the fighting and suffering has been done the only thing that will be left will be on where to draw the new boundaries. And everyone will be asking the same question .... was it all worth it ....and the answer would be no.

Are US Military Boots On The Ground In Ukraine?

From Zero Hedge: Amid the devastation of yesterday's Mariupol artillery strikes which killed or wounded dozens, which was promptly blamed by both sides on the "adversary" - and has been proclaimed by both 'sides' (more on that later) as more violent than before the truce - an 'odd' clip has emerged that appears to provide all the 'proof' a US intelligence officer would need to surmise that US military boots are on the ground in Ukraine. As the following clip shows, a Ukrainian journalist approaches what she thinks is a Ukrainian soldier (since he is wearing a Ukrainian military uniform and is carrying an AK) and asked him as they run through the battlezone, "tell me, what happened here?" His response, which requires no translation, speaks for itself.

Forward to 2:36 for the 'Ukrainian' soldier's response:

Update #1: American Soldiers Caught on Tape in Mariupol, Ukraine? -- Sputnik
Update #2: Military-clad English-speakers caught on camera in Mariupol shelling aftermath -- RT

WNU Editor: This clip is making the rounds on Russian media and in social media as proof that U.S. military personnel are involved in the Ukraine conflict .... as to what's my take .... so he spoke good English (at least in that one sentence) .... it does not necessarily mean that he is a U.S. soldier/mercenary/intelligence operative. I should know ... because that soldier could have been me. Russian is my first language, Ukrainian is second, English is my third, French is my fourth, and I know a little Chinese and Korean. I have been speaking English since I was ten years old .... good teachers, private lessons, demanding parents, etc. .... if you hear my English today you would think that I was either from Canada or from the U.S. .... you would never "paint me" as someone whose nationality is Russian ... until I start speaking Russian. And I am not the only one who can speak colloquial English .... there are many other Russians and Ukrainians who can do the same. My weakness is writing in English .... which is one of the reasons why I started this blog in the first place .... to practice my English. As to my French .... sadly .... even though I now live in the french province of Quebec in Canada .... it is still a work in progress .... but I am getting there.

As The Fighting In Ukraine Escalates A Call For More Russian Sanctions. Russia Reacts

Christian Science Monitor: Russia threatened with new sanctions as Ukraine conflict intensifies

WNU Editor: All bark .... no bite .... that about sums up EU threats of more sanctions against Russia .... Europe Is Reluctant To Add Russia Sanctions As Putin Pushes On (Reuters). But Russia better listen .... sanctions and falling oil prices has just resulted in Russia's credit rating being put at a "Junk Status" .... S&P Cuts Russia's Rating to Junk; Sanctions and Oil Slump Hammer Ruble (Bloomberg).

More News On A Call for More Russian Sanctions

U.S., Europe Threaten New Sanctions Against Moscow -- WSJ
U.S. has 'more tools' to put pressure on Russia: Lew -- Reuters
US, EU Threaten New Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine -- VOA
EU hawks lead calls for tougher sanctions on Russia -- Reuters
EU Renews Push for Russian Sanctions; Putin Blames Ukraine -- Bloomberg
EU threatens more Russia sanctions after Mariupol attack -- EU Observer

Russia Responses To Threats Of New Sanctions

Russia defiant after threats from West over Ukraine -- AP
Russia warns West not to blackmail it over Ukraine -- Reuters
Russia's Putin to Hollande, Merkel: Kiev at fault for east Ukraine violence -- Reuters
Russia dismisses "hysteria" over Ukraine bloodshed -- CBS/AP

Ukraine In Crisis -- News Updates January 26, 2015

Ukrainian servicemen fire a machine gun in the village near Mariupol, a city on the Sea of Azov, January 26, 2015. Credit: REUTERS/Maksim Levin

Reuters: Ukraine rebels move to encircle government troops in new advance

WNU Editor: Eastern Ukraine is once again in a state of “all-out war”, and Ukraine forces are reeling from the onslaught. My sources are telling me that while the world's attention is focused on Sunday's rocket attack at Mariupoil, in other parts of the region a concerted rebel push is now in progress. The Ukraine government has been quiet on what is happening .... aside from declaring a state of emergency in the eastern part of the country and stating casualty figures, they are not talking much, and that is revealing in itself. 

Ukraine In Crisis -- News Updates January 26, 2015

Ukraine crisis: Russian rebels encircle Ukraine army garrison in new offensive; Putin accuses NATO of fighting in conflict -- ABC News (Australia)
Ukrainian Forces Struggle as Fighting Flares in East - NYT
Russian-backed rebels push forward in Ukraine -- Arab News
Seven Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in Worst Violence Since Cease-Fire -- NBC
Kiev Says 7 Soldiers Killed as Fighting Intensifies in Eastern Ukraine -- Reuters
Ukraine miners rescued after shelling left them trapped -- The Guardian
State of emergency declared in eastern Ukraine -- World Bulletin
Kiev introduces state of emergency in Donbass, high alert across Ukraine -- RT
Kiev Instates 'Emergency Situation' in Eastern Ukraine to Boost Security -- Sputnik
Kiev Requests Additional Military Aid From NATO in East Ukraine Standoff -- Sputnik
NATO criticizes Russia, backs Ukraine at emergency meeting -- Reuters
Ukraine to ask Hague to investigate 'crimes against humanity' -- CNN
Attacks on civilians in Mariupol, Ukraine were war crime: U.N. -- Reuters
UN Urges Moscow to Press for End to Separatist Violence in Ukraine -- VOA
Ukrainians Direct Fury at Russia as Mariupol Victims Mourned -- Bloomberg Businessweek
IMF pressed to increase lending to Ukraine -- Financial Times
Mariupol: A Strategic And Symbolic Target For Pro-Russian Rebels -- Carl Schreck, Radio Free Europe
The Ukraine Crisis' Scary New Twist: The Drive for Mariupol -- Nikolas K. Gvosdev, National Interest
Russia’s new offensive in Ukraine should prompt stern sanctions from the West -- Washington Post editorial
As unsavory as it sounds, Obama may need to press for a diplomatic solution with Putin. -- Andrwe S. Weiss, Politico

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- January 26, 2015

Judy Dempsey, Real Clear World: The New Greece of Alexis Tsipras

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- January 26, 2015

Syriza Win in Greek Election Sets Up New Europe Clash -- Charles Forelle, Nektaria Stamouli and Alkman Granitsas, WSJ

Hell Is Other European Central Bankers Walter Russell Mead -- Walter Russell Mead, American Interest

Europe's Austerity Moment Is Ending -- Matt Schiavenza, The Atlantic

Greek Growth Drought Is Real Threat to EU -- Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg

In the Mideast, Chaos and Questions -- Awad Mustaf, Defense News

Yemen crisis is first big test for Saudi Arabia's King Salman -- Angus McDowall, Reuters

Analysts: IS Brutally Distorts Sharia Law -- Matthew Hilburn, VOA

Parts of Yemen Are Now Threatening to Secede After the Houthi Rebel Takeover -- Samuel Oakford, Vice News

Yemen on brink of collapse, but does anyone care? -- Hashem Ahelbarra, Al Jazeera

Iran Is Doing Better Than Its Rivals -- The Economist

South Sudan Fighting Grinds on, One Year After Ceasefire Deal -- Karin Zeitvogel, VOA

Sorry, America: China Can't Solve Your North Korea Problem -- Chen Dingding, National Interest

China's shadow looms large over Obama visit to India -- Julie Pace, AP

Kim Jong Un relies on improbable pair of women to extend power -- Sam Kim, Bloomberg News

The War in Ukraine Has Somehow Gotten Even Worse -- Stefan Wolf, New Republic

Poland-Russia row sours Auschwitz commemoration -- Adam Easton, BBC

In Venezuela, The Maduro Reign Is Doomed -- Uriel Ortiz Soto, World Crunch

Time to Nuke the Doomsday Clock -- Robert Golan-Vilella, National Interest

World News Briefs -- January 26, 2015

Daily Mail: Emergencies are declared in five states as 'worst snowstorm in history' bears down: Shelves are cleared and 6,000 flights are cancelled by blizzard set to dump THREE FEET of snow on NYC

* New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island governors declared states of emergency
* Officials were urging people to head home as soon as possible for their own safety
* NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said: 'This will be one of the largest blizzards in the history of New York City. People must be prepared. This is not business as usual'
* The snow storm expected to kick in at noon on Monday in New York City and early afternoon in New England withA blizzard warning issued for seven states with 65mph winds and 2-3 feet of snow expected across the Northeast
* Zero visibility on the roads overnight on Monday with 2-4 inches of snow falling per hour
* More than 1,800 flights have been canceled on Monday and a further 1,600 flights on Tuesday across the northeast
* The National Weather Service has issued a severe weather warning which affects 60 million people
* Boston expected to get 18-24 inches of snow and Philadelphia could see up to a foot of snow
* Widespread power outages were expected and could last for days, according to power companies


Kurds push Islamic State out of Kobani after four-month battle. Kurds celebrate ousting Islamic State fighters from Kobani. Pentagon: Battle for Syrian town of Kobani not over.

Sunni officials in Iraq say Shi'ite militias executed 70 civilians.

Syrian opposition starts talks in Moscow, expectations low.

Yemen drone strike kills three; US embassy suspends service. U.S. Embassy in Yemen halts some services amid turmoil.

New Saudi king ascends the throne as terrorism threat grows.

Israeli intel unit drops soldiers who refused to spy on Palestinians.

Facebook complies with Turkey page block order.


49 police, 5 rebels killed in Maguindanao firefight. Philippines says deadly clash a mistake, hopeful peace not derailed.

Japan seeks Jordan's help on gaining hostage's release.

Obama in India joins Modi at Delhi Republic Day parade.

U.S., India reach agreement on nuclear power.

China urges India to take steps to satisfy standards of nuclear group.

UN emergency aid drops for N. Korea.


Nigeria's Boko Haram unrest: African leaders urged to act.

Nigerian military battles Boko Haram to retake barracks.

South Sudan: 11 killed, four wounded in brutal attack.

Central African Republic rebels free eight kidnapped officials.

Civil society groups oppose Mugabe as next AU President.

Defense Minister Lungu wins Zambia's disputed Presidential race.

Grief and anger in Congo follow violent protests against Joseph Kabila. Congo protests expose weakness of Kabila's coalition.

Corruption protest in Kenya's Maasai Mara region turns deadly.

Sons of Egypt's Mubarak leave Cairo prison.


Ukraine rebels move to encircle government troops in new advance.

Putin: Ukraine army is NATO legion aimed at restraining Russia. Putin blames Kiev for new violence in east Ukraine.

S&P downgrades Russia's credit rating to junk. S&P downgrades Russia credit rating to 'junk' status.

Greece’s new anti-austerity government set on collision course with Brussel.

EU offers mixed reaction to Syriza victory.

Leftist Tsipras sworn in as new Greek prime minister.

Greece: Germany warns over debt commitments.

IMF ready to continue supporting Greece after election: Lagarde.

Inquiry into London killing of ex-KGB spy Litvinenko to begin.


Argentinian government moves to dissolve domestic intelligence agency. Argentina to dissolve intelligence body after prosecutor death.

Argentina president rejects accusations against government.

Journalist who reported suspicious death of prosecutor found shot at point blank range and set to accuse Argentine president of bombing cover-up 'vanishes' after saying he feared for his safety. Argentina says journalists safe after one flees, fearing for life.

Cuba leaves talks on US ties insisting it won't make major changes to its system.

Thousands of Venezuelan opposition supporters protest in Caracas.

Canadian soldiers involved in 2 more firefights against Islamic State.

US Senator McCain: Obama has 'no strategy' on terror.

Honduran President hails drop in murder rate.

Mexico investigates local mayor after journalist murdered.

Colombians celebrate Miss Universe title.

Security alert at White House as 'quad copter' drone found on grounds. White House security scare as drone found on grounds Monday; President Obama was in India at time.

Snow emergency declared in US.


US drone strike kills 3 suspected AQAP members.

Obama: US counterterrorism pressure in Yemen continues.

Closing Gitmo will be 'very difficult,' Hagel says.

Five indicted in Kosovo on terrorism charges.


WikiLeaks blasts Google for quietly handing emails to government.

Oil slides despite OPEC talk of a floor.

US expects oil prices to remain low for next several years.

Cyber attacks worry Davos elites.

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 26, 2015

Then-Crown Prince—and now king—Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud meets Dempsey in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, last June. DoD photo / D. Myles Cullen

Mark Thompson, Time: Why the Pentagon Is Honoring the Late Saudi King

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 26, 2015

1,000 82nd Airborne Paratroopers Headed to Iraq This Week -- Military.com/Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer

Iraq 'sleeper cells' fight Islamic State group -- AP

Assad seeks agreement over U.S. air strikes in Syria -- Reuters

Russia Adds 70 New Aircraft to Military District Around Crimea -- Newsweek

Russia readies hybrid amphibious drone for test flight -- RT

Will Russia's Sub-Building Boom Matter? -- Christopher P. Cavas, Defense News

Kiev Requests Additional Military Aid From NATO in East Ukraine Standoff -- Sputnik

Ten killed in Greek fighter plane crash in Spain -- Reuters

Spanish PM: 8 French, 2 Greeks Killed in F-16 Crash at NATO Base -- Defense News

Germany Stops Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia Amid Instability in Region -- Sputnik

Japan Hostage Crisis Revives Debate Over Military Force -- WSJ

Swedish Military Fights for Larger Budget -- Defense News

France Reduces Military Cuts After Terror Attacks, But Has Funding Trouble -- IBTimes

France Scales Back Military Job Cuts by 7,500 -- Defense News

Electric motorcycle would allow soldiers a stealthy approach to battle -- Stars and Stripes

Army begins virtual training on missile defense system at Fort Sill -- Stars and Stripes

Upgrade gives B-52 bomber crews simulated training worldwide -- Stars and Stripes/Minot Daily News/AP

FBI: Three Russians charged with spying, one arrested in New York -- RT

Obama Weighs NSA Options As Deadline Nears -- US News and World Report

The NSA knows your Angry Birds score -- The Hill

Secret ‘BADASS’ Intelligence Program Spied on Smartphones -- The Intercept

America Upgrades Its Biggest Bomb -- James Drew, War Is Boring

A Better Way To Buy Nuclear Submarines -- Tom Collina and Jacob Marx, Breaking Defense

DoD Business Panel Proposes $125B in Savings -- Defense News

GAO: Pentagon has no handle on personnel bloat -- Washington Post

Can the Pentagon downsize its headquarters staff? -- Lisa Rein, Washington Post

Chuck Hagel: Stress of 'Nonstop War' Driving Best Out of Military -- Newsmax

Europe at front of Army's new 'Complex World' concept, general says -- John Vandiver, Stars and Stripes

Female guards file discrimination complaints against Guantanamo judges -- Stars and Stripes/AP

US Special Ops Build Bridges in Africa -- Defense News

Amid Libya turmoil, a renewed call to return early US sailors' remains home -- Edward Colimore, Stars and Stripes/The Philadelphia Inquirer (Tribune News Service)

Reckless Cuts to US Military Spending Leaving America Vulnerable -- Steve Cohen, New York Observer

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U.S. In A Panic Over A Few Inches Of Snow

Reuters: Live News Updates

WNU Editor: Experienced 2 - 3 feet of snow in the Laurentians of Quebec a few years ago .... got stuck with the GF in my chalet for 4 days .... best time I ever had. Being Russian .... I also experienced a few storms when I lived there .... including a 4 footer outside of Saint Petersburg and a 2 footer in Moscow .... and I have only one word to describe it .... especially being alone in Red Square at night and seeing all of that snow falling down .... it is beautiful.

So my message to New Yorkers and others is the following .... relax .... enjoy the moment .... get holed up at the local bar with a few friends or with that special loved one .... and enjoy the moment ... it only comes once or twice in a lifetime. :)

Ex-CIA Officer Jeffrey Sterling Convicted In Leaking Secrets To New York Times Reporter James Risen

The Guardian: Former CIA officer convicted of leaking secrets to reporter James Risen

* Jury finds Jeffrey Sterling guilty on all nine counts
* Sterling passed secrets to New York Times reporter James Risen

WNU Editor: He is probably going to spend the next few decades in jail .... and gives NSA leaker Edward Snowden a "heads-up" on what may happen to him if he should find himself in an American courtroom. This is a case that has been ongoing for years, and today's conviction will definitely impact those who may want to leak classified information to the media in the future. The above video is from a 60 Minutes report with New York Times reporter James Risen.

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U.S. Drone Strikes Continue In Yemen

Graffiti on one of the walls in the capital of Yemen, Sanaa. Screenshot from RT video

New York Times: C.I.A. Strike, First Since Yemen Upheaval, Kills 3 Qaeda Fighters, Officials Say

WNU Editor: This must have been a very high-valued target for the U.S. to launch such an attack in the middle of the turmoil that is rocking Yemen.

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Drone Crashes On The White House Lawn

Washington Post: Drone operator says he accidently crashed device on White House grounds

WNU Editor: I would not be so confident .... The threat of drone attacks harming the White House or the president is very, very small (Washington Post)

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